72 Davies Drive, Walter’s Bluff

72 Davies Drive, Walter’s Bluff

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TOTAL AREA // 362m²
BUILD COST // $850,000

This large contemporary home sits high on a steep hill behind Nelson and commands great views over Nelson Haven. The features of this house are the simple forms and proportions. The clients brief called for an unobtrusive contemporary home that could accommodate an extensive family, with low maintenance cladding materials and living on a single level. Privacy from the street was also desired. The site is long and skinny with the best views at the north end and the obvious entry at the south end.

Effort was made to create simple clean proportions, the form of the house is low and elongated which does not stand out on the hill. The columns, at the entry, create a ‘wow’ factor. The contrast of a dark coloured textured cladding (Stria) and white plaster (Rockcote) enhances the simple form. The steep long site dictated the layout. A design challenge was the fact that the views, sun and hence living areas were at the north end of the house and the garage entry is at the south end. We did not want to have to walk down a thin hallway, to get to the living room, so made the hallway 3m wide with the entry to bedrooms not directly off the hallway. The hallway doubles as a gallery and houses a grand piano and art. The site is steep, on a fault line, and there was some fill on the site. The decision to retain the house into the site meant that the foundations keyed into good ground and created a firm base to build on. The site is relatively exposed to wind so an outdoor area on the back of the living room creates a sheltered outdoor dining space. An internal gutter allows the exterior walls to be clean and free of fascia’s and gutters. Painted cedar screens on the walk in robe and the ensuite windows provide privacy from the street and the right of way below.